What is Mixology?

What is Mixology?

What is Mixology? I guess you could call it the art & science of making cocktails!

Mixologist are bartenders, but bartenders are not necessarily Mixologist. I like to think that a Mixologist is like a Chef in cuisine. He takes different types of ingredients, alcohol and flavors and come up with uncommon and amazing flavor, taste and look in their cocktails.

The key of being Mixologist is creativity and knowledge! You need to know a lot about spirits, how flavor works, and think of infinite kind of ingredients that could blend together. Most of all, you must have fun! When fun comes out of making drinks, then you will create the most amazing and inventive ones!

Before running you must learn how to walk, my father used to say.
So learn well the basics of bartending before starting to approach any fantasy bartending skills.

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