Working history2014

Working history2014

Spirit It exist for 6 years now and we have been growing and working with many people all around Asia, and now we are extending our network to Russia, Europe and USA. You can find the past work we did for the years 2008 till 2013 in the event history section. I decided to add a new page for the history work of 2014 so you guys can see all the work we did and are doing this year. There we go!


-Bar training with Ravifruit in Indonesia, Surabbhaya and Jakarta. Training in several bars for few days.



-Guest bartending in B28-Seoul.



-Singapore FHA expo. Making cocktails and mocktails for Ravifruit on the expo stand. -Guest bartending in B28.


-In Malaysia wedding event for 5000 people.

-LPS event: Beijing -Consulting bar training in Russia-Moscow & St Petersburg.



-Guest bartending in Brick’s Bar, BBC Bar.

-Grand Marnier event in Beijing for the Hotel Beijing-France cooperation.

-Consulting for Hatsune restaurant in Beijing.

-Grand marnier consulting in Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzen, conducting brand training and guest events in several cocktail bars and 5 stars hotels such a Sofitel hotel, W hotel, Intercontinental, and Shangri-la hotel.

-Guest bartending at Top Hat bar in Seoul. -Consulting for Ravifruit in Bangkok. -Rum Fest in HK.

-Guest bartending in Manor bar and The Blck brd bar in HK.



-Consulting in Shanghai for Da Vinci syrup.

-Perrier masterclass in Seoul @ Top Hat bar.

-Consulting for Da Vinci syrup in Chicago.

-Attending Tales of The Cocktails in New Orleans.

-Consulting for Harry’s in Singapore: Training of 6 outlets of all the bar staff.


-Consulting with Intercontinental Hotel Harbor side, for Pernod-Ricard in HK.

-Perrier event at music festival with music star present at the event such as Lady gaga.

-Consulting drink development for Starbucks in Shanghai for Starbucks China.

-Plantation rum masterclass in Seoul.

-Citadelle gin masterclass in Seoul.




-Chartreuse event in Seoul -Restaurant & Bar expo in HK.

-Consulting for the Blck Brd bar in HK.

-Guest bartending in the Blck Brd bar, Aqua bar, and Butler bar (Japanese bar style.)

-Consulting for Ravifruit in Maldives. Several training around multiples resort hotels.


-Consulting drink development for Starbucks HK in HK.

-Consulting drink development for Starbucks in Seoul for Starbucks Korea.

-Consulting drink development In Tokyo for Mc Donalds Japan.



-Drink seminar with Da Vinci syrups in JB Malaysia, near the border of Singapore.

-Consulting drink development for Da Vinci in Chicago.


Coming up in October-November and December:

Chartreuse Masterclass: October 23

Perrier event: October 24

Tokyo bar tour market: October 27-November 1

Taiwan consulting HK Consulting and guest bartending.

Coffee show Seoul.

Shanghai consulting.

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