Bar School

SPIRIT IT ACADEMY is the first bar school in Beijing with International bartending courses!

Located in the heart of Beijing, using the the finest bar venues as its school and with the care of International French Mixologist, Bob Louison, SPIRIT IT ACADEMY is a very high-end bar school in Beijing!

We aim to bring you the most refined and delicate in everything about bartending to educate China’s bartenders and any other nationalities, and help develop the bar industry, making it very exciting!

We will provide you very high quality of bartending courses with different level of training to match your skills.

The courses are possible to adapt to your schedule and availability!

After you took bartending courses with SPIRIT IT ACADEMY team you can be sure to have very high skills allowing you to work in the best venues in Beijing, China, Asia or anywhere else in the world!

During the year, international mixologists will be invited in our school and will provide special courses for a limited period of time! Keep an eye open for our upcoming news!

Maximum 20 people / class.

Please contact us for rates and further information.