Cocktail Events

For private events, birthday parties, cocktail parties for Companies, Embassies  and parties of any kind, Spirit It provides the most professional and high-end bar services for your events!

For any occasion, when you have a party and wishes to have cocktails there, our professional bartenders and mixologist will bring your event to another level!

Our bartenders are highly trained and will make the best cocktails for you with a smile!

We will bring the highest and constant quality of drinks keeping fresh, with a quick service anywhere you need it!

Your taste.

Your needs.

The kind of atmosphere you are looking for your event.

The kind of crowd that will be there.

Each cocktail will be thoroughly studied, created and personalized to be the perfect match for your party and guests.

We do any kind of party events

Big House party:

You wish to hold a party at your place, invite a lot of friends and impress them with some cocktails, then we can do it for you! If one of our mobile bar will be available, we can even bring it to your place, transforming your living room into a bar lounge!


Birthday party:

Your birthday is the most important day during the year! No need for more reasons to do something special and unique for your party! Get our bartenders to make the most exceptional and amazing cocktails for you!

What about a cocktail class between friends? Ask us for more details!


Companies-Embassies-Hotel Party:

We cover all kinds of events! If you are a company that wishes to celebrate something special, or an embassy, or a hotel that needs our assistance for your cocktail parties, we are here to help you and make your dream event comes true!


Gala Ball party:

You are a chamber of commerce and wishes to have a big party going on for your gala ball, then we are the best to make your event astonishing and sparkling!

You will have the best cocktails and bar services in the city with us!

Here are more example of events type we do and where you might need us:

Wedding parties:

Just let us know what you need and we will find a way to match your expectations and wishes.

We also handle:

  • Corporate events
  • Launching of brands, products, galleries, exhibitions and venues
  • Media events
  • Networking events

We can bring everything to set up the bar side and make your event easier

Bar Tools

Basically all tools to make cocktails: shakers-strainers-bar spoon-juice container-muddler-jiggers.


We have very pure and most refined ice for your cocktails!

Alcohol and ingredients

We order directly to our personal alcohol distributors and have everything delivered to your venue on the day of the event. We selection the best quality of juices, fruits and ingredients for your cocktails to have the top quality of freshness and taste in your glass!


You don’t have glasses at your place, then we can come with any kind of glasses you need.

Flair Bartenders

If you love watching bartenders being like acrobats, flipping bottles in the air while making cocktails, then we could provide you with the top notch of the flair bartenders you have ever seen!

We will make your customers be astonished by our bartender’s performances! People will remember your event as the most exceptional! It creates a great atmosphere and very high enthusiasm between the guests!

If you want to make the difference, ask for our Flair bartenders!

If you have any enquiries, please contact us and we will come back to you as soon as possible with the best plan for you.