Cocktail Master Class

The Cocktail Master Class is an event for passionate, novice and professional people who love cocktails! Here we teach you how to make cocktails like a real bartender!

You will have a working station in front of you that will holds all the tools necessary to make cocktails!

You always wanted to become a bartender and never got the chance to try it out? Then for 2 hours, become one with our help and guidance in a fun and convivial atmosphere!

We will give you few bartending tips and recommendations through the class and show you 3 different kinds of cocktails. You will make each of the 3 cocktails after our demonstration!

At the end of the class, we stimulate your creativity and observe if you learned well what you’ve seen during the class by organizing a little contest between the students of the class.

You will create your own cocktail! The top 3 gets rewards!!!

More than just a cocktail course, the cocktail class brings different kind of people together allowing them to meet and gather in a fun and comfortable atmosphere around cocktails!

Many people asked us about private cocktail class for their companies gathering or events, birthday party, friends party.

Contact us if you have any questions on how to organize a private cocktail class for you and your friends only!

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To book your seat for the next class, simply contact us and we will reply very soon to confirm your booking.

If you register through our website for the class, it is only 168 RMB.

Registering on on the day of the class entry is just 188 RMB.

Please contact us for more information.